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I'm starting to think of keeping some kind of investigation record in our journal, Zach. Especially now that we're about to meet all the townspeople! Of course, with the community the way it is, I doubt we'd be able to lock it completely. But that's fine; we just need to be careful with what we say. Then, it won't matter even if people start asking questions about the case.

Also, I really doubt we can take pictures of the townspeople... There doesn't seem to be a camera function anywhere in this phone, and neither of us can draw.

Well, I'm sure it'll work out somehow.

Hello, everyone. I'm going to start putting some details about the investigation in this journal at some point - if you don't like it, feel free to ignore it. And if you do want to know, well, there's not much I can say right now. I've seen the victim's body, the place where it was found and the scene of the crime. That's all.

[Uh... Sounds like he's not going to mention what happened in that virus post at all. Okay then.]

Oh, that's right. It's not very likely that I'll learn anything vital to the investigation, but I might as well ask: has anyone ever seen an upside-down peace sign?
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[Accidental voice:]
This is our personal journal, Zach. But we can use it as a place to post community-related things without clogging the place up, too. When and where to post... I'll leave that decision up to you.

I've been wondering about worldhops. If someone took me to another world (let's say, Middle Earth) and I stayed there for a while, would there be a way to get me back in my own world without too much time having passed while I was gone?

If that's the case, then I'm free to see some good movies just about any time. Plus, that might be the only way I can show up at this beach party.


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