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Character: Francis York Morgan
Fandom: Deadly Premonition

Character Notes:

History: FBI special agent Francis York Morgan, who specialises in criminal profiling, has a personal interest in killers of young women. This has roots in his family history; his father, Xander, was an an FBI agent as well (he "wrote the book on criminal profiling", according to the trading cards collectable in the game), and his mother, Valentine, died in an incident from his childhood that he has never told anyone about as of the beginning of his canon (for reference, I am taking him from just before it starts).

His memories of the event are hazy (probably due to the trauma, he admits), but as he remembers it, things went like this: his father had a gun pointed at his mother; before shooting, he turned to York and said, word for word, "At times, we must purge things from this world because they should not exist, even if it means losing someone you love," and with that, Xander Morgan killed Valentine and himself. It was at that time that York met his best friend, Zach; they swore to be always together from then on, no matter what... and, well, even though Zach appears to be an imaginary friend and York is now a grown man, they still are very much together.

Anyhow, after going through a punk rocker phase in his teenage years, York eventually became an FBI agent, just like his father. His skills and, perhaps, affinity for the supernatural (namely the premonitions he sees in his coffee, and, er, the zombie-like Shadows he sees but doesn't really mention to anyone else) ended up earning him the title of "special agent".

Apparently, he had a tendency to get all the bizarre murder cases, and recently, he has become involved in a most curious string of them - young women have been showing up dead all across the USA, with red seeds in or somewhere near their bodies. The various murderers for each case caught so far seem to have little motive for the crime and no connection between them at all. At the start of the game, he is heading to the site of what appears to be another related murder, in a small town called Greenvale. He knows he'll find something there and boy, he has never been more right before in his life.

Personality: York is an odd fellow - in fact, I've been calling him York all this time because he insists to be called by his middle name; it's what everyone calls him. He's eccentric and often socially inadequate (prone to smoking pretty much anywhere, insensitive, dismissive of the local police...) and really, it's when you learn about his past that you start suspecting he has serious issues.

... Well, okay, you start suspecting that when you realise he's talking to someone who isn't there and is surprisingly okay with seeing and shooting Shadows, and when he goes on his numerous tangents about 80's B-movies, and when he sees things in his coffee, and when he enthusiastically praises biscuits and sandwiches... You get my point. But between all that and his past, it soon becomes clear he may actually have some sort of disorder.

Again, his social behaviour is especially worthy of note - ever since his incident, he preferred not to connect too deeply with anyone else other than Zach; he was his best and possibly only friend. Whether he's alone in his car or around other people, he will indiscriminately make asides to Zach, and if asked about him, he'll just say it's a "private matter" and continue as normal. Actually, scratch that - when he's "alone", it's only a matter of time until he starts holding a conversation with Zach, usually about the aforementioned B-movies, past cases and the like. When in the Other World (read: fighting the zombies Shadows), he will congratulate his friend for his amazing shots.

Still, he's not a bad guy, just... hard to get used to. Once you get past his quirks, he's not so difficult to get along with (even if his occasionally self-centred behaviour continues to be aggravating). Heck, if you're a good cook, or, even better, have a taste for cheesy movies, York was made for you.

- Thanks to his criminal profiling skills, he is rather decent at reading people;
- He is very particular about his coffee. In fact, if his canon is Twin Peaks: The Game (which it is often said to be), York is pretty much a more socially innappropriate Dale Cooper;
- Speaking of Twin Peaks, York has frequent and heavily symbolic dreams, most of which occur in a mysterious Red Room. Twin midgets angels are often involved;
- He has several scars on his face: the smaller ones on his cheek come from a recent encounter with a criminal he describes as a "Catwoman wannabe", and the other, which has faded but still clearly marks his scalp and his eyebrow... well, he doesn't acknowledge it at all. It's the talk of the town, though...
- Listen to this.

Additional Links: York's page on the DP Wikia (which I am not particularly fond of, admittedly); the TV Tropes page. Both have huge spoilers, mind you.


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